Conveno Online offers an innovative and exciting way for building owners to present their buildings online and for visitors to ‘visit’ buildings virtually without having to be physically on site.

Conveno Online can serve as a rich-media 3D directory of facilities, stores and tenants that enables visitors to locate their shop or place of interest and find out related information.

Helping Visitors Access Your Building Easily!

Conveno Online provides clear and easy-to-understand categorization of locations, stores and tenants for easy browsing. Visitors can also search places by typing into the Conveno searchbox.

By Categories and Levels
By Place Search
Multi-Language Browsing
Location Information
3D view

Conveno Online represents your building in an intuitive real-world 3D model to help visitors get instant orientation and familiarization with the actual building.

Information, ads and promotions

Apart from listing locations and showing them physically in 3D, Conveno Online enables you to serve location-based information or ads to visitors through information placement in the virtual 3D scene.

Visitor Guide
Path Overview

Conveno Online provides an intelligent path engine that recommends the paths your visitors can take to their desired destination.

Step-by-step guidance

In addition to path overviews, Conveno Online also provides step-by-step guidance and time/distance estimation from the starting point to your desired destination.

Accessibility Support

Conveno is also able to provide intelligent path recommendations based on the visitors’ accessibility profile e.g. whether the user is a walking person or on a wheelchair.

Web Sharing

Conveno Online enable your visitors to share links to your building with their friends via email and popular social platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

System Requirements