Made to enhance the experience of Conveno, visitors can readily access Conveno from mobile devices such as iPhone and Android phones. Coupled with an intelligent path recommendation engine and realistic 3D building model, you can now explore the building at your finger tips in your own time, own pace.

With Conveno mobile, you will never be lost.


Conveno compresses the entire building directory to fit right into your mobile phone. With Conveno Mobile, visitors can easily find out what’s available in your building - from shops to offices to your impressive building facilities.

Places, Levels.

Conveno Mobile provides two intuitive and fast modes to allow user to browse through the directory: Places, which classifies all spaces in the building according to their nature (E.g. Food & Beverages, Fashion etc). And Levels, which lists spaces according to the levels they are on.


Need to get to a place in hurry? With Search, you are only a few taps away from your destination. Select the Search tab from the home screen and then type what you are looking for in the search field. Search looks through the entire directory, and from there, a single tap takes you where you want to go.

A-Z Listing

Search also provides an A - Z listing of all the destinations for users to do a quick search based on the starting alphabet of the destination.

3D View

Every destination comes with a 3D view to help users visualize the actual location. Leave the 3D view alone and it will do a 360° rotation of the destination, or drag around the view to explore in detail.

More Information

Accompanying the 3D view is a section of more information on the destination. Shop owners can provide a summary of their shop profile, opening/closing hours or even advertise in this space.

Path Overview

From any Place information page, tapping the “Go” button loads an overview of the path where users can follow to get to their destination. Select a starting point, and Conveno will automatically generate the relevant estimated distance and time needed to travel from the start to the destination.


What can be more convenient than mobile directions? With Conveno Mobile, you can view realistic step-by-step guide to navigate to your destination. Swipe left to view the steps one by one as you walk, or turn on the player and let it do the work for you.

System Requirements

Conveno Mobile is currently supported on iPhone 3G/3GS/4, Android 2.1 and above.