Conveno 3D interactive kiosk helps visitors orientate themselves easily within the building through realistic textured modelling. Visitors interact with the kiosks through touch-screen interfaces, and queried information and 3D pathways are then displayed through large-format 46" screens.


Navigation through a building with a directory has never been easier. Conveno categorizes the places in a building according to its nature, helping visitors to find what they need easily.

Facilities, Amenities

Quick links to Facilities, Amenities, and Food & Shops etc. helps visitors locate services they need faster. With Conveno directory, you will never have to fret trying to locate an ATM or the nearest toilet.


Apart from the usual English language, 3D Conveno Kiosk solution also supports multi-languages (example: Chinese, Melayu and Tamil).

Find A Place

Besides the usual categories classification, 3D Conveno Kiosk solution also provides an A – Z listing of all the destinations. Just tap on the starting alphabet of the destination, and from there, a single tap takes you where you want to go.

Where Am I?

Not sure of your current location? Just tap on “Where Am I?” and Conveno will show you your current location in relation to the building.

3D View

Every destination comes with a 3D view to help users visualize the actual location. Select a destination and let Conveno fly you there.

Path Overview

Once a destination is selected, Conveno displays a 3D overview of the path recommended to get to the destination, along with the estimated distance and time needed to travel from the start to the destination. Accompanying the 3D view is a section of more information on the destination. Shop owners can provide a summary of their shop profile, opening/closing hours or even advertise in this space.

Accessibility profile

Keeping up with the accessibility-friendly considerations of modern-day buildings, Conveno intelligent path recommendation engine suggests the appropriate path for the visitor to travel based on his or her accessibility profile.

Step-by-Step Guidance

Revolutionizing the meaning of building directories, Conveno brings the building to life. You can view realistic 3D step-by-step guide to navigate to your destination. Tap on the instructions and Conveno will walk you to your destination in 3D.

Functional Customization for Clients

On top of being just a building directory, special customized function such as staff directory can also be added to maximize the use of the kiosk.

Advertisements / Announcements

On idle, Conveno Kiosk reverts to power saving mode where advertisements and announcements are displayed.

System Requirements
Conveno Kiosk requires:
* kiosk hardware enclosure not included due to varying individuals’ requirements