Benefits to Building Owners

Helps building owners connect effectively with visitors as follows:

  • disparate visitor systems
  • no consistent hospitality strategy
  • costly to manage/maintain
  • slow to upgrade to new platforms
  • consistent, unified hospitality strategy
  • single point of management (cost-effective)
  • able to connect visitors with multiple platforms
  • fast to upgrade to new platforms
Benefits to Building Owners:

1. Integrated way to manage your building visitor hospitality service. As a building owner, you no longer need to painfully procure and manage separate vendors for different web, mobile or kiosk visitor hospitality systems. This is a costly and now unnecessary approach. Instead of disparateness, Conveno offers you a single, integrated way to manage your building information.

2. Intuitive Real-world 3D Building Interface. Conveno represents your building in an intuitive real-world 3D model. This provides instant orientation to your visitors who are finding directions in your building.

3. Impressive Marketing Showcase. The 3D Conveno representation also enables you to impressively showcase your building and interior facilities, such as shop spaces, exhibition halls, hotel rooms, to potential guests, clients or tenants.

4. Unified and comprehensive visitor guide. Conveno enables your visitors and guests to pre-tour your premises before they arrive and upon arrival, they can be guided to their destinations through a unified Conveno service on different mobile, kiosk and customer-service platforms.

5. Improved Customer service – Conveno kiosks provide self-help to your visitors, reducing the need to expand your customer service workforce. Conveno also significantly improves your customer service desk in visually guiding visitors to their destinations, without the barrier of language.

6. Location-based Information and Ads – Conveno enables you to serve location-based information or ads to visitors through information placement in the virtual 3D scene and on Conveno kiosks.