Benefits to Visitors

Helps visitors connect with buildings to easily find out indoor locations, information and pathways.

Benefits to Visitors:

1. Online viewing of building facilities. As a cloud service, visitors can access Conveno to virtually preview the building and its facilities and find out more about the indoor locations, information and pathways before they visit physically.

2. Onsite way finding. Conveno represents the building using an intuitive real-world 3D model. Visitors can easily obtain step-by-step directions on getting around in the building through on-site kiosks, personal smartphones, customer service displays and tablet devices. With Conveno, your visitors will now be able to get around on their own.

3. Well-supported accessibility profiles. Conveno’s intelligent path engine takes into consideration the visitor’s accessibility profile (e.g. wheelchaired or walking person) and suggests the appropriate paths for the visitors to take to their indoor destinations.

4. Diverse multi-lingual support. Conveno enables you to support visitors from different multi-lingual background.