One 3D visitor service. Available everywhere.

Provide consistent interactive experiences to your visitors, wherever they may be.

Conveno 3D visitor guide is available as an online web service, or as an on-site service via touch-kiosks in your building, or as a mobile service on your visitors' smartphones.

Exciting way to market your building.

Conveno's 3D virtual tour feature enables your clients or visitors to tour your building virtually before physically visiting. Highly useful for prospective medical tourists, event visitors or property buyers.

You can also use Conveno as a sales and marketing tool to market your facilities, such as conference rooms, event halls and shop spaces.

Easy-to-use 'Visitor' Interface

Conveno combines traditional user interface approaches with 3D techniques to make it easy for visitors to visit, navigate and browse your 3D building.

The in-scene visitor menu enables visitors to easily find out the directory of available services and facilities in your building.

Information, ads and promotions channel

Conveno works as your channel to embed location-based information, advertisements and promotions within your building.

This enables your visitors to view and obtain relevant information when browsing the location of the shops or facilities they are intending to visit.

3D Location Guide

Conveno guides your visitors easily to their destinations in your building.

Conveno uses the 3D model of your building to present an intuitive, familiar view of the locations your visitors are intending to visit.

3D Path Display & Guidance

With Conveno, your visitors will be able to know the path to travel to their intended destinations in your building.

When requested, Conveno also guides your visitors step by step with instructions on the path to reach their destinations.

Time & Distance Estimations

Conveno conveniently informs visitors of the estimated time and distance to travel towards their intended destinations in your building.

This is useful especially for sprawling premises, enabling visitors to plan their visit more effectively.

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3D location guide Info, ads & promotions channel 3D path display & guidance Time / distance estimation